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Chinese Remedy for Aches and Pains

Chinese Remedy for Aches and Pains

Zheng Gu Shui AKA…… “Royal Bone Water”

While visiting a Chinese Herbal store in downtown Los Angeles, I was able to come across many products and herbs that were very foreign to me.  I had just finished a vigorous workout earlier that day so I informed the clerk that I was interested in something that could take away soreness as well as prevent those unwanted aches and pains.

When you speak of arthritis or aches and pains of the body people tend to use those “over the counter” treatments that will give us temporary relief but will not help the body heal.  While it is wise to alleviate your body of any pain it is also important to find a solution to the issue at hand.  Most people are only concerned with stopping the pain when we should be interested in solving the problem.  It is most certainly known that nutrition is the starting point of all healing but there are a few natural topical products that can help.  Ben gay and flex-all are both great remedies but allow me to introduce a product that the store clerk assured me would assist the body system in healing itself. It is an ancient secret used in China called Zheng Gu Shui.

ZhengGuShuiUnlike many of our products here in the western hemisphere this Chinese-manufactured miracle invigorates blood, breaks blood stasis, stops bleeding, disperses swelling, strengthens tendon and bone, dredges and opens the channels and collaterals as well as relieve aches and pain.  The Chinese have been known to use this liniment for healing bone fractures as it is often most common known as “royal bone water.” It is also useful for acute bruising or swelling accompanying a traumatic sprain. Many sportsmen report that it has helped them with torn or inflamed ligaments without swelling because it is analgesic for pains of muscles, joints, bruises, and strains.

This is the liniment of choice for aches and pains as well as bone fractures.  Because of it’s strong properties Zheng should never be applied to open wounds or areas that are very sensitive on the body.  The one thing that zheng gu shui has in common with American made liniments is that it is hot and does have an after affect, so be extremely cautious around the genital areas.

The primary methods of application would be with a gauze, cotton balls or cloth that is soaked in liquid.  Apply it directly to the area for thirty minutes. If you were treating a fracture then you would follow with wraps soaked in Zheng Gu Shui before applying splints for deep fracture.  As a trauma liniment, it is applicable for other acute injuries marked by swelling or pain.  Also useful as massage liniment before or after exercise.  Can be added to bath water.  It is certainly best to leave on for more than 15 minutes to get lasting results.


This publication is courtesy of Private Eye Health via Cochise Tarak-Saa

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